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The Javanese Coffee Mission

The core values at Javanese Coffee initially developed from the experiences and knowledge passed down from a history of family coffee farms. The family lineage instilled an unwavering ethic and integrity to grow, produce and deliver the finest coffee bean, roasted or green to the world. From these early building blocks, Javanese Coffee was created to achieve the dream of not only overseeing the growing, harvesting, processing and delivery of the finest Indonesian coffee, but to connect the end consumer with the farmer and open a new future of possibility. 

The Evolving Coffee Connoisseur

Coffee consumers have become more discerning, seeking new flavors, higher levels of quality, all while connecting their coffee experience to improving the world. The modern coffee connoisseur demands the most stringent growing conditions, innovative and varied coffee strains, meticulous harvesting, crop to cup transparency, impeccable roasting; all brewed at the peak of freshness into their cup.

The Evolving Coffee Market     

Up until now the coffee world has been stuck in a "3rd wave" coffee experience, with a growing backlash around issues of integrity in product, marketing, and customer experience. The terms "fair trade" and "organic" have become watered down to the point of almost being meaningless. It is commonplace to find coffee importers, roasters, and brewers that claim what they can't deliver. Javanese Coffee delivers where others just promise adspeak

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Javanese Coffee's Reserve Quality Coffee

We at Javanese Coffee have focused on the highest level of the premium coffee market segment. To provide a constant and innovative source of super premium coffee, we at Javanese Coffee have developed a highly selective coffee network of farmers over a broad geographic range. The years of collaboration and shared family history have allowed us to source the most unique and highest quality coffees regardless of how bountiful or not the harvest is. Javanese Coffee only selects the most spectacular farms that can produce a coffee that is beyond specialty coffee and of such incredible aroma, taste, body and quality that it is uniquely special. From these jewels we produce our reserve line as green bean or roasted.